Nothing beats that feeling of getting to know someone new.

To help you stay safe while you’re messaging through the night or locking eyes over the dinner table, follow these tips:

Always follow your instincts – Remember that you don’t owe anybody anything, and you can always respectfully leave a date or end a conversation if you’re not comfortable.

Be careful about sharing personal details – Wait until you really trust the person you’re speaking to before you share details like your workplace, home address or phone number.

Never go to someone's home or agree to pick them up at their home - Major red flag. Get to know the person better before you share your residential address, this could be a trap.

Meet in a public place and tell your friends who you’re meeting and where – If you prefer, you could arrange to meet for the first time at one of our events, where there will be plenty of other people and Inner Circle ambassadors around. Check out some more advice for staying safe here.