What are Pinned Conversations / What is my pinned conversation list?

Your pinned conversation list allows you to move up to 5 of your favourite or most active conversations to the top of your messages inbox so that you never miss a reply again.

How many pinned conversations can I have?

You can have up to 5 conversations pinned at the same time. To save space, you'll see 3 spots at first, when the third spot is filled, a second row will appear - making 5 in total. When your pinned conversation list is full but you want to move someone else in, you'll need to unpin an existing conversation first to make room. Members on the free plan can invite 2 friends or upgrade to the full membership to access messages and the pinned conversation functionality.

How do I add someone to my Pinned Conversation list?

To move someone to your Pinned Conversations list, simply slide a conversation to the left until you see the "Pin Chat" button, press this and the chat will move from your regular messages inbox (all messages) to your Pinned Conversation list. Messages in your Pinned Conversations list will remain in the same order they were pinned.

How do remove someone from my Pinned Conversation list?

To remove someone from your Pinned Conversations list, long press on the circle with your matches image to access the context menu. Select "unpin" from the option and the conversation will move back into your regular messages list (all messages). The conversation will appear in the order of the timestamp of the last message. You can also unpin a conversation from within the chat interface by pressing on the three dot menu in the top right corner of the chat header next to the person's name.

Will the other person know if I add or remove them to my pinned conversations?

No, Pinned Conversations are unique and private to each member. We will never let the other person know if you add or remove them to your pinned conversation list.

How do I know when I have a new message in my pinned conversation list?

New messages will have a blue circle around them indicating that they are unread. To be sure you never miss a reply, remember to turn on your message notification settings.