Quality Conversations is a messaging experience where we ask you to focus on just 5 chats at a time, meaning fewer distractions, less ghosting, and more dates.

You can still message as many people as you want, but while you focus on your 5 active chats all your other conversation requests will wait in a queue. It's that simple.


Why did we introduce this?

Singles have, on average, 20 open matches on a dating app at any one time. But when we asked our members if they were juggling 20 conversations at once, they said they weren't.

On average, people only have 2 - 3 on the go at same time, which means most singles have an inbox of dead conversations. That’s why we’re here to clean up dating by introducing Quality Conversations.

With this new messaging experience, you can only 5 active chats and to start a new conversation you need to end an existing one.

We believe this will lead to fewer distractions, less ghosting, and more dates.