While you focus on your 5 active chats all your other conversation requests will wait in what we call your message queue.

Can I read messages in my queue?

Yes, when you have at least one free spot in your active conversation list, you can open any message from your queue.

Can I send a follow up message to someone in my queue?

Yes, when you have a free spot in your active list, you can send a follow up message to someone you have already messaged.

From your queue; click on the sent item and then type another message.

This is still counted as a conversation request, and will remain in your queue until the other person sees it. If they reply, you will have the option to move it to your active list.

Why do I see “your turn” next to an item in my queue?

When you receive a reply to the first message that you sent someone, it will have the badge “your turn” next to the person's name.

If you are interested in having a conversation with this person, prioritise opening this message from your queue first. You will likely already be in their active conversations list.

Why can't I open a message from my queue?

When all of your active conversation spots are filled, you will need to end an existing active conversation before being able to open a message from your queue. (See ending a conversation)