There’s a very good reason for it!

First messages saying just ‘hey’, ‘hi’ and ‘hello’ get a really low response rate. And because we’re all about challenging our members to up their dating game, and are passionate about helping people meet their match, we thought we’d take a stand.

We started our #TryMoreThanHi campaign to stress that anything is better than an empty hey, even a cheesy pick-up line. So, when a member sends only ‘hey’ as a first message, we replace it with a line that is more likely to get someone’s attention. This isn’t a permanent thing, it’s just us trying to encourage more creative conversations.

Pick-up lines aren’t everyone’s style, so we do let your match know that you didn’t send the message. As well as the new line, they’ll get a message saying we gave you a helping hand.

Of course if you’d prefer to not send pick-up lines to your matches, you just need to send something that isn’t only ‘hey’ (or similar). You could try commenting on their pictures or bio, or asking a question that prompts a conversation.