Good pictures are key to getting more dates, so here’s how to add or change your photos.

On the app

To add more photos:

- Go to your profile

- Tap on your profile photo

- The app will then open all your profile photos

- Tap the [+] to add more

To change the order or set your main profile photo:

Tap and hold the picture you want to move until it pops up

Drag it into the preferred position and release

If you want it to be your main profile photo, drag it into the first spot

- To delete a photo, simply tap [x] on the photo you want to delete


On the website

To add more photos:

- Go to 'Edit profile' -

Select ‘Upload’ or ‘Import’

- Choose the photo you want to add

To change your main profile picture or to delete photos:

- Go to 'Edit profile’

- Hover over a picture to see the options [Edit] [Main] and [X]

Select [Main] to make a photo your main profile picture

Select the white [X] to in the top right corner to delete a photo

Select [Edit] to edit a photo

Not sure what photos to add? Check out our Fail Proof Photo Guidelines.