How do I start an active conversation?

When you have at least one free spot in your active conversation list, click on any message in your message queue and choose “reply”.

How many active conversations can I have ?

Inner Circle full members have access to 5 active conversations at a time. Free members have access to 1 active conversation at a time.

Members on the free plan can choose to upgrade to full membership or invite 2 friends to access 5 active conversations.

Does the active conversation limit affect the number of messages I can send?

No, there's no limit. You can still message as many people as you want. The person you message will then get to decide whether they want to accept your chat request and turn it into a conversation.

It’s that simple.

What happens when my active list is full?

When your active list is full, you'll need to decide to focus on the active conversations you already have going, or end an active conversation if you would like to start something new.

Why are my active conversations suddenly blurred?

If you cancel your full membership, or your membership expires, any existing active conversation will become locked again. To access your active conversations again, you need to have an active full membership or have invited 2 friends for lifetime access.

Once you renew the membership, your previously active conversations will be preserved.