Q: What is the purpose of the Superlike feature?

A: The Superlike feature allows you to express a higher level of interest in someone's profile. It's a great way to show that you're genuinely interested in connecting with them!

Q: How does sending a Superlike affect the recipient's experience?

A: When you send a Superlike to someone, your profile will be given priority placement in their likes list. This means that they'll see your profile right at the top, making it more likely for them to notice you and consider your profile more seriously.

Q: Does sending a Superlike impact browsing profiles?

A: Absolutely! When you send a Superlike to someone, our algorithm takes this into account during their browsing session. Your profile will be prioritized in the batch of profiles they see, which increases the likelihood of them engaging with your profile.

Q: How can I identify profiles that have sent Superlikes?

A: Profiles that have sent Superlikes are easily recognizable by a distinct banner color that appears on their profile. When you're browsing through profiles, you'll notice this banner, indicating that the person has shown a higher level of interest in you.

Q: What happens if a Superlike leads to a match?

A: In the chat and matches screens, you'll notice a star icon displayed next to the sender's name. This star serves as a visual reminder that they used a Superlike to express their interest.

Using the Superlike feature can significantly enhance your chances of matching with someone you liked. So, go ahead and send those Superlikes to stand out and show your interest in a unique way!